10 Must Have Mobile Game Development Engines You Should Have

Mobile app development seems to be the latest thing in the marketing and the game world. Organizations are in need of developers who can convert their vision into efficient apps and developers are in need of efficient frameworks to accommodate the growing diversity and variety of mobile platforms and app genres. The not so easiest way to accomplish this would be to write separate platform specific codes for the same app for different platforms. This could be time consuming, redundant and tiring for the developer. But smart developers take an easy route of using cross platform game development engines that let them write the code only once and deploy it to android, iOS and any other platform without having to maintain multiple code bases. The following are some of the best game engines and development tools that can be used to make your game development efforts simpler and more fruitful.

• Edgelib

Edgelib gives you an edge over game development with its 2D and 3D middleware engine that supports android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

• JMonkey Engine

Jmonkey is an open source free Java OpenGL engine that lets you create Java programs with ease and port them to any OpenGL 2 compatible devices.

• DragonFire

If you are going to use Windows for iPhone and iPad 2D development, DragonFire is where you have to turn to. It is the best tool for creating interactive games like CakeoRama and Little Train.

• Shiva3D

Developers of Shiva3D claim it to be ‘the most cross platform’ 3D game engine. It stays true to its claim as it supports almost all operating systems like Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and iOS.

• Corona SDK

Corona is probably the most popular platform when it comes to cross platform game development. About 150,000 developers have been using Corona for developing games of various genres.

• Unreal Development Kit

Unreal Engine III is a leading tool that is widely adopted for industry practices. Now you can get your own Unreal Engine’s free version in the form of Unreal Development Kit. The most prominent features of this kit are the advanced 3D simulations, games and apps deployable in both android and iOS.

• Emo

Emo makes use of Squirrel scripting language and is based on OpenGL ES and OpenAL/OpenSL making it a remarkable open source framework for Mobile game development. With EMO you need to write your code only once for running it on both android and iOS platforms.

• Libdx

Libdx also provides the advantage of writing code only once and deploying it to different platforms. With Libdx framework you can write applications for Java 3D/2D, HTML5 and android.

• Newton

Adding real-time physics to your games is no more a burning out hard work. Use Newton, an amazing open source physics engine that lets you add physics into your apps. Newton is zlib-licensed and is free for everyone. You just have to know the basics of physics principles to get started with Newton.

• Android Box2D

Android Box2D is a marvelous award winning physics engine. It gives you an excellent framework for applying 2D rigid body physics to your Android apps. It is specifically written for Android developers and is coded using C++.

Basic Android Programming

Android is a application for mobile phones including an operating system, middleware and some key applications. The Android SDK, software development kit, provides the tools and APIs necessary.
Android SDK help developers begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

Android is created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. It’s inside tons of cell phones and other mobile devices, making Android a major platform for application developers. It enhance your own program to operate on all those devices.

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Getting started developing with Android is a piece of cake. You do not even need any access to an Android device, only a computer where you can install single program, called the Android SDK as well as the phone simulator that comes with it. Less than a minutes, “Hello, Android” will get you building up your first working application: Android’s version of “Hello, World.”

And then, you’ll now build up a more extraordinary program example: an Android Sudoku game – Japanese game for increase memorizing. By gradually adding some features to the game. It’s very easy if you learn from this suggested book. The book will help you develop from the most basic program to the advanced one throughout the course of the book. you’ll learn about many aspects of Android programming including user interfaces, multimedia, and the Android life cycle.

What is computer Programming?

Computer programming – or coding is the process of writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer application. This source code is written in a programming language – such as C++, Pascal etc.. The code may be a modification of source. The main objective of programming is to create a application that exhibits a certain desired purpose (customization). The method of writing source code often requires excel in many different subjects, involve knowledge of the application domain, etc.

Men In Black 3 Review: Protecting The Galaxy On IOS And Android

Barring another dominant performance from The Avengers, the top movie this weekend should be Men in Black 3 (sorry, Chernobyl Diaries), the big-budget sequel starring Will Smith and a whole bunch of computer-generated aliens. To capitalize on this potential success, Gameloft has a Men in Black 3 video game for iOS and Android. Even better, it’s free. Just don’t go into this title expecting to run around blasting bad guys.

Oddly enough, the game revolves around the simulation aspect of operating your own MIB agency and a heavy dose of time management. There’s combat, but the developers limit this to turn-based battles, where you and slimy-looking enemies trade shots at each other as you equip different health packs and weapons.

That aside, Men in Black 3 plays more like Farmville and Big Time Gangsta. You build the agency from the ground up by placing different departments within a limited grid, creating an armory, gadget workshop, infirmary, evaluation room, firing range, zero G trainer and a plethora of other services; there’s even a fast food joint.

The goal? Research new technologies that’ll imbue your character and others (you can train new agents and send them on missions) with different weapons with names like Fat Nancy, the Temporal Pulse, Dark Plasma Gun and the humorous Noisy Cricket from the original Men in Black. That said, these things require you to reach a certain level to unlock and various amounts of time; you can’t make use of the Fat Nancy, for instance, until reaching level 10, while some missions may force you to wait 30 minutes.

Fortunately, Gameloft provides a slew of objectives to complete, inspired by the movie’s time-traveling plot. This involves visiting 1969 and 2012 versions of New York City, where you’ll have more than enough tasks to keep busy, from interrogating aliens to squashing outer space cockroaches, stopping for a bite to eat and wiping away the memories of countless witnesses using the Neuralyzer. There’s little interaction involved, you merely tap something or someone to instantly perform the activity, but at least it takes your mind off whatever’s going on at headquarters.

Naturally, there’s a hook. You need energy to beat these missions, and this also replenishes (albeit slowly) over time, forcing you to cough up some real-world dough to acquire T-Pulses that allow you to buy more. The same goes for gold coins that go towards stocking up on supplies and purchasing equipment; Gameloft is more than ready to accept your payment(s). Granted, you don’t need to spend a dime playing Men in Black, but things will move significantly faster if you do.

Finally, there’s a social aspect, where you can invite friends to assist in the fight against a particularly pesky alien, or to simply visit your agency, and vice versa. Nothing revolutionary, by any means, but at least you can see how others play the game/decorate.

Taking all of this into account, Men in Black 3 isn’t bad by any means, but it also doesn’t stand out, either. We can’t hate on Gameloft for going simulation heavy instead of creating a third-person shooter; the App Store has plenty of both. At the same time, there’s a strictly enforced limit on how much you can play if you refuse to spend money, and with that being said, us cheapskates discovered the appeal wore off quicker than we expected. Fun, but only in short play sessions.